Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal cookies are popular snack amongst kids and adults alike. The chewy and crunchy cookies are mostly filled with dried fruits, nuts and oats. The star ingredient of the cookies, oats, come in many forms. It is a cereal grain that is rich and flavorful.

The most familiar form of oats are ‘oat flakes’ -also called ‘rolled oats’- that were for the first time produced in the year 1877 called ‘Quaker Oats’ by The Quaker Mill Company. The product was vastly produced and distributed by the year 1884 with the very same label and packaging that we see in the supermarkets to this very day. It is interesting that ‘Quaker Oats’ would move on to become the first mass marketed and packaged food in U.S. Today more about ninety percent of America’s crop is used for cultivating oats.

In the past oats were used as animal feed in many countries across the world except in Scotland, Ireland and Northern Europe where they were used as food by people. Oats were only cultivated after the Christian era had begun. They then started being used as oatmeal caked and porridge.

The English and the Scotts carried oatmeal cakes with them as a quick energy reviving food when they attempted to conquer Rome. Romans used oats as animal fodder and mocked their use as human food. Oatmeal cookies began to take various forms from that era as the Romans realized that the food held some promise as it was delicious as well as energizing.

Initially the oatmeal cookie recipes used a lesser amount of oats in them, but the recipes today are full of them. This change occurred during the World War II era when The Quaker Oats Company developed a similar recipe. That recipe had also substituted butter that was short in supply then, with vegetable shortening.

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