Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate brownies hold the honor of being America’s most desired baked treat and have been so since the 1920s, with no looking back. The chocolate cake is undoubtedly hundreds of years old and evolved through many centuries and cultures, but the chocolate brownie is a purely American invention. Though the exact inventor of the ‘brownie’ may not be known, but what is confirmed is that it was invented in the area of New England in the commencement of the 20th century.

The word ‘brownie’ was crafted because of its brown color. A brownie is essentially chocolate flavored and that is why its color is dark brown. Chocolate brownies are a fairly new entrant to the baking world, which has barely been around for a hundred years.

The word ‘brownie’ was used for the first time in 1896 by Fannie Merritt Miller, which was in a recipe for a type of cookie. Later on in the 1906 edition of the cookbook, The Boston Cooking School Cook Book, Fannie Merritt Miller wrote down the very first recipe of the brownie that we know today. The recipe for chocolate brownies was then further improved by Fannie Merritt Miller’s protégé Maria Willet Howard in 1907. Her recipe was published in the Lowney’s Cook Book and had one extra egg and square of chocolate. That is how the chocolate brownies became rich, chocolaty and indulging, just as we love them!

There are two main types of favorites in chocolate brownies, cake-like or fudgy brownies. Chocolate brownies were originally made with cake like texture, but over the years with chefs experimentations of increasing the proportion of cocoa or chocolate to the flour resulted in a much ‘fudgier’ and creamier chocolate brownie. Now the fudgy chocolate brownie is the favorite brownie in the world for brownie lovers.

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