Selling Cakes Online In Simple Steps

Just as technology has become an essential part of our lives, many business ventures have started online. The advantage is quite obvious: reaching a wide consumer base. Just like every other business, bakers and confectioners have also opened up online, by making their own website and using social media to assist them.

Setting up the business of selling cakes online might sound simple and it is the perfect entrepreneurial venture for those who love baking. However, there are some matters to consider before starting a home business of selling cakes online.

• Your baking skills are an extremely important consideration. You should not only possess basic baking skills, but need to know how to make various types of cakes in different shapes, sizes and flavors. But if you have amazing baking and decorating skills and make cakes for your friends on their birthdays and bridal showers, then you are probably covered in that area.

• Do you possess the right equipment? An online cake business means that you may get orders for cakes in different shapes and sizes for various occasions. You have to make a menu of the types of cake that are available, type of frostings, types of shapes, etc.

• Defining the target market is a tough but very necessary task before starting to sell cakes online.

• Once you have defined the target market you have to now move on towards designing marketing strategies to reach them. Word of mouth is a good source of advertising. Another is the use of social websites like Facebook. You can make a Facebook page and your friends and family can invite their circle to your page, creating a snowball effect.

• Now comes the placing of a price on the cakes that you provide. Cakes are usually available on a per pound rate. So first define your pricing criteria and how different combinations of icing and topping will change the price. You will need to do a survey of other online cake websites to create a balanced price list for your business.

• Get a website. Last but not the least get a website made, this is a must for selling cakes online.

Make sure you know the licensing laws of your city/state because a resale license and inspection of cooking area may be required.

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